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Why Hiring a Child Custody Attorney is Important

Child Custody attorney

When parents are separated, the most important thing they can do for their children is to ensure that both parents will be able to spend time with them. In most cases, this is possible when the two parties can come to an agreement about custody and visitation. If parents cannot agree, however, they must either go to court or hire a Child Custody attorney in Spring Hill Florida to help them negotiate a solution that will work for both of them and their children.

Custody is the term used to describe the right to make decisions about the care, custody, and welfare of a child, which can include where the child lives, what school they attend, what medical treatment is best for them, and how much time the parent will spend with the child. These decisions are typically made by family courts or juvenile courts.

The best Child Custody attorney in Spring Hill FL will provide you with the legal assistance and guidance you need to ensure that you and your children are protected and that the rights of both parents are respected throughout the custody process. This is especially important when the court is considering a variety of factors that could impact your case, including drug and alcohol use, mental health, the parents’ employment, and even a history of domestic violence.

An experienced Spring Hill Child Custody attorney will also understand how to use the tools of mediation, negotiation, and other types of Alternative Dispute Resolution to settle your case and reach an agreement that works for both you and your children. This approach can save you money, and it can also be faster than a courtroom battle.

Darren Shapiro is an experienced Spring Hill family law attorney who helps clients with all aspects of their custody and visitation cases in the Supreme and Family courts on Long Island, Queens, and Florida. He has handled numerous complex divorce and custody cases, and can bring his years of experience to bear on your case whether as a mediator or an attorney.

He has experience with all of the different child custody options available, and will work to ensure that you have an understanding of each one before selecting a method to resolve your case. He will explain how to use various tools such as forensic investigations, home studies, and drug testing to help you win your case and protect your child’s best interests.

It is not uncommon for judges to order a psychological assessment, usually by a psychologist, as part of the process in determining what is in a child’s best interest. These assessments are often helpful in helping courts decide how to divide custody and visitation, but they are also sometimes unnecessary.

The courts do not take these assessments lightly and will be extremely careful about deciding what is in the child’s best interest.

If a judge believes that the children are being neglected or are being mistreated by one of the parents, they may find it necessary to award temporary custody or physical custody. In such situations, the court will generally place the children in the custody of the parent who is most likely to be a good caretaker.

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